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Sundial enables everyone on your team to understand the story of your product so you can prioritize the most meaningful goals, strategies and tasks.

Our Story

The history of human progress boils down to two things: measuring phenomena, and creating hypotheses around them.

Curious as we are, once we observe something, we want to know ‘why?’ And in our path to understanding the why, we discover and invent. We make the world better. We've been doing this since 1500BC.

The ancient Greek philosopher Eratosthenes once measured the shadows cast in Alexandria, and compared it to the shadows cast in Syene, a city further south. How could they be different? He hypothesized that the Earth must be round. This data story later planted the seeds for the age of sea-faring exploration.

Thousands of years later, our modern software stack enables a level of measurement that would leave Eratosthenes flabbergasted. We've built sophisticated systems to measure how billions of people all over the world use products and services. Our data warehouses and lakes give us unprecedented access to propose and validate millions of hypotheses.

This should be a wonderland, right? Well, yes... and no. Yes, in that there's plenty of evidence that teams who know how to harness the power of data do better. But no, in that 'harnessing the power of data' sounds jargony and often in practice feels like this —

Problems faced by the data teams
Problems faced by the data teams

And that's why we're building Sundial. Our mission is to empower organizations to make better decisions.

We're tackling this with two key beliefs —

  • Smart, automated systems can help us identify the signal from the noise, and

  • Opinionated and beautiful storytelling will make insights accessible to all builders

We picture every member of a product team - from PM to researcher, from engineer to designer, understanding exactly what the data story behind their product's usage is.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of people interested in computing, history, art, alternative programming languages, and cooking. Most of us are in Bangalore, India, with a few remote members in the US and Korea.